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From our experience so far with Evacuation flights we have observed the following, which we have outlined to make the process easier for all involved.

1) Because most of these flights are planned within a very short notice, it is advised that all who plan to travel with these flights, send us preferably by Whats App, the data pages of their Country of Residence passports or relevant Residence Permits, ahead of time.

2) We have also noticed that not all Airlines operating these flights request for Covid-19 Negative test results, but some do especially Emirates Airline;and it is advised that testing centers with capacity to test and produce the results within 24hrs of testing, close to potential travelers be identified.
The usual timing of the validation of such test results is 96 hours or 4 days to the departure date.

3) There is usually very little time given between when seats for such flights are booked and when they must be ticketed; so it is advisable that funds for such flights be made ready and available for prompt disbursement. Seats for such flights are usually very limited and cancel out within hours.

4) Most of these flights are either out of LAGOS or ABUJA and so passengers must have ready plans of transfer from their base to these cities in order to make the flights.

5) Since these flights are NOT regular scheduled flights, NO SHOWS DO NOT ATTRACT REFUNDS nor can they be RESCHEDULED.

6) Some of the airlines like Emirates DO NOT ALLOW hand luggage to be stowed in the cabins.

We hope these tips will go a long way to preparing our potential evacuation flight passengers.

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