Global Links Associate Club (GLAC) is a referral club from the stable of Global Links Travels that rewards members for referring friends, families, colleagues etc to use our travel & tour services.

Members accumulate travel points for each referral that actually travels and they are able to convert those points for a variety of rewards and gifts.

Reward & Gift Items range from:

  • Cash incentive per flown passenger
  • Free travel with group of more than 50 people in a group travelling on any of our group tours.
  • GLAC member highly discounted airfare for travel by members and immediate family.
  • End of year gift items.
  • Registration is FREE!!!


  • Membership of GLAC requires the return of the duly completed membership
  • An individual identification number is assigned to each member and membership of the program takes effect from the day any referral is made and referred passengers fly.
  • Members MUST notify the Global Links Head Office in Warri by any means available to the member, of the names and any other particulars of those referred; such notification MUST be accompanied by an EMAIL confirming the referral information, and the record of the member will be updated.
  • Once the referred passenger(s) fly out, a Travel Point per the number of flown passengers is recorded against the name of the member and the member notified of the flown confirmation status of the passengers referred.
  • A personal account is automatically opened for each member where the travel points he or she have acquired is credit. Neither this account nor the travel points accumulated can be transferred, bequeathed or combined with the account of any other person, even if that person is GLAC member.
  • While valid, the travel point enables the member to obtain gifts and rewards
  • Rewards and or gifts once issued, cannot be exchanged, refunded, sold, or converted into cash in any way or manner whatsoever. Availability for certain rewards and or gifts may be limited by GLAC.

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