Brazil has officially reopened its borders for international tourism!!!

Brazil’s government made the decision to lift the travel ban that has been in place since March 2020, the government abolished the ban and lifted all restrictions on foreigners arriving by Air.
The new rules will allow International tourists to arrive by Air, but not yet by land or sea.
Countries allowed to visit Brazil: All nations that could normally visit Brazil ‘Pre-Covid’ are once again permitted to visit.
Entry Requirements for Brazil:
• A valid Visa. (Nigeria requires a Visa to visit Brazil)
• Proof of travel insurance. You must have proof of travel health insurance that covers covid for the duration of your trip. You will need to show proof of this before departing at the airport, and again upon arrival.
• Arrivals should expect temperature checks, as Brazil has been testing new temperature screening systems since May.
Are there testing and quarantine requirements to enter Brazil? No. The government has not announced any mandatory testing or quarantines for any tourists visiting Brazil.
Are all airports reopened in Brazil? No. There are still bans for international flights landing at airports in the following 5 states in Brazil:
* Mato Grosso do Sul
* Paraíba
* Rondônia
* Rio Grande do Sul
International Flights are now Authorized into:
Brasilia (BSB)
Rio de Janeiro (GIG)
Sao Paulo Guarulhos (GRU)
Sao Paulo Viracopos (VCP)**