Our Top Tips for Travelling with Children at Christmas

Christmas is a special time for all the family, and if you’re going away or your festive seasons then it makes it even more magical.Travelling with kids at this time of the year can be a challenge, with more holiday-makers attempting to chase the sun for winter it is a good idea to search for tips when travelling long haul with kids. But now you’re planning the perfect holiday for Christmas, here are our tips for travelling with the little ones this Christmas.


Bring some decorations

Whilst many hotels try to do their utmost to deck the halls with Christmas decorations, there’s no harm in bringing your own decorations along your Christmas travel with kids. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference a few Christmas cards and advent calendars can make your room feel more festive. If you don’t want to bring cards or anything too heavy, bring some paper and colouring pencils and ask the kids to colour them in on the plane and create paper chains!

Research the destination

Christmas is a worldwide festivity, and you’d be surprised how many local events happen to celebrate. Another top tip for travelling with children at Christmas time is to research the destination before you depart to see if there any local events being put on. It’s a great way of experiencing how another destination celebrates Xmas and also get in the magical spirit.

travelling at christmas

Leave big gifts at home

We have to talk about it, but the loss of luggage does happen and it’s best to leave the big and expensive gifts at home just in case. Bring a few small gifts to give to the kids and save the rest of the luggage space for your swimsuits and flip-flops!

Keep a few family traditions

Even though Christmas travel with kids can sometimes feel like Christmas isn’t happening at all, it’s a great idea to keep a few family traditions just to make it feel festive – even if you are sunbathing in the Caribbean. Bring a few board games to play in the evening, stick a Christmas DVD on or throw some tinsel around the room give it a festive feel. Keeping a few traditions aren’t harmful and it’s great to keep the spirits high.

For more tips for travelling with children head over to GLS FACEBOOK PAGE. So get the decorations AND the suitcases down because it’s time to head away for Xmas.



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