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HOW TO PLAN A VACATION – Choosing A Destination!

A vacation is supposed to be a fun and relaxing break from your everyday life. However, a poorly planned vacation can end up being a major headache. Be ready to enjoy your time off by planning your travel, accommodations, and activities ahead of time. Giving yourself plenty of time to plan can be a fun way to build up excitement for your vacation.

Choosing a Destination

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    Make a list of the top 5 places you want to travel. If there are other people traveling with you, have them do the same thing.
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    Decide why you want to travel. If you know why you want to leave home, choosing a destination will be easier. Determining whether your goal is to relax and unwind, have new adventures, see famous or ancient sights, or provide your children with lifelong memories will determine what kind of destination you should choose.[1]
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    Discuss possible destinations with your fellow travelers. Instead of making this a chore, have it be a fun activity. Over the course of a few days, weeks or other long duration you wish (e.g. 1-3 months), spend some time talking about each place and why it would make a good destination.
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    Consider everyone who will be traveling with you. If you are traveling with children, someone elderly, or someone with a disability, you may want to consider the destination that would be accessible.
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    Research destination costs. While you may take more time after choosing a destination to find great deals on travel and hotel arrangements, doing a quick online search of approximate costs to travel to each destinations may help you narrow your choices based on your budget.

    • Keep in mind expenses to travel, stay, eat, and play while you are developing your estimates.
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    Choose a destination. Ideally, everyone who is traveling will agree on the same place. If there is disagreement, find a way to compromise.

    • Consider taking turns selecting vacation spots. If you decide to go with your first choice this year, let another travel partner select the next vacation destination.
    • Find a happy medium. If everyone’s first choice for a destination is widely different, find one that everyone would like, even if it is not on the top of their list.
    • Pick a destination out of a hat. If there is no compromise on the horizon, let fate choose for you. Write down all of the destinations and put them in a jar or a hat. Then have someone (ideally, an unbiased third party) pull a name out. That’s where you’ll go!
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    Choose when to travel. Depending on the season, a destination which is normally too hot or cold for you to consider might have a more enjoyable climate at a different time of the year. This might also be reflected in a lower cost, if you decide to travel out-of-season.

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