It is no news that countries which include Canada are allowing eligible migrants into their country, but what is not very common is that one of the processes to migrate to Canada in this instance is by making some financial investments into their economic system.

The Province of Newfoundland & Labrador has maintained an Immigration by Investment Program which is one of the fastest and easiest path to Canada, one of the most attractive passports in the world.

These investment Guarantees automatic issuance of the Permanent Residency (PR) and ultimate Citizenship after the mandatory 3 year post PR.

One of the Key Requirements is that the investor accepts to make a risk-free purchase of shares of an existing company, plus obtain a job offer with same company (this is optional as the investor can either choose not to work or nominate any of those that are been applied for in the immigration application to work and earn a salary in the said company!).

With an interest rate of 14.93% per year – The investor stands to GET Full return of the initial investment plus extra and /or sell back shares to the investing company between 3 to 5 years!
This literally means that the investor not only makes his investment back but also becomes a Canadian citizen in tow! And if the investor so wishes, can still be a shareholder of the company earning more return on investment!

The other interesting aspect, is that the Applicants can choose to stay anywhere in Canada not necessarily in the approving province, once the application is approved.

Processing time is usually within 7 to 8 months to obtain PR (permanent Residence). Passport issue is 3 years.

Applicant who chooses to stay out of Canada MUST visit Canada every year within the PR season.

Unmarried children can be included in the application.

Global Links Investments with its Partners are offering such opportunities to the discerning investor who would want to have Canadian dual citizenship for the family in a legal & profitable manner.

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