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Traveling the world is a great way to experience different cultures. One of the most exciting things about traveling is having the chance to try new cuisine.

Fortunately, if you plan to travel the globe any time soon, here are ten world’s best restaurants worth visiting.

El Celler de Can Roca is a family restaurant that serves modern Spanish dishes. It is run by three brothers with diverse skills that keep everything running smoothly. Although the restaurant has always been considered one of the best, it has finally made its way to the top for many lists. If you want to enjoy modern Spanish food in a place that is all about family, El Celler de Can Roca is right for you.

Noma’s style of food is Nordic and relies heavily on local foraging and sourcing. The dishes reflect the Danish culture and landscape, and can be shocking at times for diners. With its broad menu of appetizers, main courses, and treats, there is a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Osteria Francescana offers modern Italian dishes with a certain traditional flair. Massimo Buttura’s food is world-famous for its eccentric and artistic presentation. For instance, a dish called “camouflage” is arranged to look like army woodland camouflage by using foie gras and powders.

The dishes served at Mugaritz are described as being “techno-emotional Spanish.” The diners get to experience a multiple-course tasting menu with small and intricate dishes. However, Chef-patron Andoni Luis Aduriz likes to interact with the diners to see how a restaurant can impact people in different ways as well.

If you enjoy modern French food with a New York twist, Elven Madison Park is an excellent choice for your next dining experience. One of its most popular dishes is the surf clam with celery root clam bake and morcilla sausage.

D.O.M.‘s menu consists of contemporary Brazilian/Amazonian dishes. The restaurant focuses on using Brazil’s rich natural ingredients, including sources from the Amazon rainforest. In South America, the restaurant has been voted as “Best Restaurant” for four consecutive years.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal specializes in historical dishes reworked with contemporary cooking techniques. The restaurant is particularly known for its rich flavors and gutsy dishes that stick out in diners’ minds. One of the restaurant’s most popular dishes is the grilled octopus.

Arzak’s style is considered to be cutting-edge Basque. The family-run restaurant creates memorable dishes using local food culture and ingredients with modern cooking techniques. One of its more popular dishes is a lobster in a potato shell with red pepper sphere and cobaiba sauce.

Steirereck’s style is described as being Neo-Austrian with a historical bent. Heinz Reitbauer looks to his family’s Styrian roots for inspiration when creating his dishes. He also relies on local sourcing and foraging for his produce.

Vendome specializes in modern German dishes that are designed for people with large appetites. For example, the restaurant’s largest menu consists of 25 courses. The food is inspired by German traditions and ingredients to create dishes with a bold taste.


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