7 Best Ways to Keep Your Money Safe When Traveling

Are you eagerly counting down the days to your next vacation? After working hard throughout the year, you deserve a few days of relaxation and fun. But regardless of how excited you are to take your next trip, it’s always crucial that you plan wisely and always remember to take plenty of precautions. After all, […]


Summer vacation is only a few days away and we are faced with the question of what to do with all that time. Or more like, what do we do to entertain those kids that are so bored and they don’t know what to do. Here are some helpful ideas to fill in those long […]


Long distance travel has a lot of health risks and one of them is blood clot in the legs (deep vein thrombosis) which travels to the lungs (pulmonary embolism). This can be prevented or the sudden death from this is mostly preventable in the 21st century. If you engage in travelling long distances frequently either by […]

15 Common Travel Scams (And How To Avoid Them)

Shady people love to take advantage of tourists, and if you’re not careful, it’s easy to become a victim. Here are some of the most common travel scams around the world.  As travelers, it is easy to think that we are smart enough to avoid getting ripped off. But, the truth is, it happens to […]

Top 10 Summer Destinations

From the Bahamas to Dubai, with just 1 European city in between, here are the top 10 destinations for summer, according to searches. 10. The Bahamas While there is a risk of getting rained on during hurricane season, June generally sees mild weather, fewer crowds and significantly lower prices. While some resorts in the Out […]

London Flavor!

London’s life-force, like many major cities, is fed by international cultures. It’s the flow of people from all around the world that keeps it vital. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the food available at London’s markets. This is where the world’s cultures come together to connect to a place that’s become home for […]

20 Tips Before Traveling Internationally

If this is your first time traveling abroad, or maybe you just need a refresher here’s a list of 20 tips you should do or bring before your trip. Security & Health 1. Check-in with your doctor and insurance carrier. Double check and make sure that you have all of the proper vaccinations and that […]

What to Pack: The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist

Whether this is your first trip or you’re a seasoned globetrotter, it’s always helpful to have a rundown of what items you may want to pack – you know, a comprehensive international travel checklist. Bookmark this travel packing list because you’ll want to refer to it as your trip gets closer. It’ll serve as a […]


Africa is, as we all know, a continent with a huge variety of landscape, climate and culture! It is exciting, addictive and awe-inspiring. When you have had a taste of it, you will never want to leave. Go on, ask anyone! We have put together 32 Africa Travel Tips from locals and seasoned Africa Travelers […]

The Benefits of Taking Quick Getaways

Today with increasing financial constraints, which limits many people from taking longer, farther vacations, the quick getaway is a fantastic option. No need for many vacation days The quick getaway does not require taking a week’s worth of vacation days. It can be done over a long weekend or even just a normal two-day weekend. […]