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Christmas is one of those holidays that is always filled with cheer and wonder and your day is sure to be filled with happiness. Read some steps on how to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

  1. Reflect on the reason for Christmas. If you’re not sure about it or you’re rusty on the background, do some research. In the Bible, you can find the Christmas story in the Gospel according to Luke, Chapters 1 and 2, as well as the Gospel according to Matthew Chapters 1 and 2. Consider reading these chapters aloud as part of your family’s holiday. Ask members of the family for their own impressions of the stories given, to personalize their understanding.

    • Talk to children about the meaning of Christmas and tell them the stories about Christmas. Find beautiful illustrations to accompany the Bible stories to capture their interest. Also, keep in mind that doing this for too long might bore their pants off. Try to keep these sessions short, something they can cherish.
    • There are also many great children books and coloring books that illustrate the Christmas Story in an easy to read format. Some books take the Christmas story verses directly from the Bible others tell the story in the way that’s different.
    • In many cultures it’s a custom to have the youngest (able) child place the baby in the cradle or the cradle in the stable of the Nativity Scene. A religious store can supply also Tree of Jesse symbol activities and you can cut Christmas cookies into camels, angels, Nativity figures, stars, crosses using cookie cutters. If you look around in some old Christmas books there are easy and fun crafts for religious ornaments for the whole family.
    • Decorate a small 1 to 4 foot tree with angels, Nativity Scene figure ornaments, Nativity charms from a bracelet and jewel tone or metallic ornaments. A star, angel or crown can be placed on top of such a tree.
    • You can easily incorporate religious ornaments into the main Christmas tree, use religion as a theme or use suggestions from the previous paragraph. Don’t be afraid to add actual everyday Christmas items and scenery to your tree that doesn’t have commercial in it. Animals, flowers, fruits, bells, candles, houses are good examples. Poinsettias and holly don’t have to be commercial icons or any flower or creature that’s seen on Christmas. Not even a snowflake or the snowman. Choose a plain teddy bear, not the Santa Bear. Queen’s Lace flowers or something that closely resembles Frankincense and Myrrh can also be included in flower arrangements.
    • Frankincense and Myrrh oils can be purchased in many herb, candle or floral shops and used as fragrance instead of traditional holiday scents.
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    2. Invite God to come and celebrate the day with you. Some people choose to do this by attending a Christmas Eve service. Some do it by sitting before the Christmas tree and silently inviting God to just be with them. However you decide to do it, for the Christian, making God a part of your day is vital.
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    3. Choose some activities that you and your friends or family will enjoy and which fit with the meaning of Christmas. Consider preparing some special foods for the poor and needy, visiting people who live alone or have no family close or dropping in to see the sick in the hospital. You might even give handmade gifts to people who aren’t likely to get much this season.
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    4. Spend time with others to celebrate. Gather together at the homes of friends and family, and spend some time in fellowship with others who believe as you do during this special time.
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    5. Give to others. Whether to your family and friends, or to others less fortunate, spend some time this Christmas in giving. We give in remembrance of the gifts of the Magi to the Savior, but at the very heart of it all, recall that we are to give because He first gave to us.
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    6. Spend time quietly being thankful for the gift of Jesus to the world that we celebrate on Christmas. This is the day that Christians have set aside to celebrate the beginning of the greatest gift mankind has ever received. Coming into the Christmas season with a grateful heart is essential if you really want to make the extension from Jesus’s giving of His amazing gift to your giving and receiving.
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    7. Create your own nativity scene. A beautiful way to celebrate Christmas is to create a nativity scene within your house or on your front yard. If you have children, ask them to help you. They will (or might not, it depends) love making the little angels and other figures.

    • If you can’t create your own nativity scene, consider attending a Nativity play at your local school or church.

    8. TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL!!!. Another great way to celebrate Christmas is to travel to a new place and explore how other people celebrate the season. The new experience will sure liven your spirit.

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